Financial understanding presented at every classification level.

The Live Richer College Edition is a foundational finance platform; that offers equality, diversity, and inclusion for college students, as they journey through a 7-step financial fundamentals experience.

This Proven Curriculum Really Works!

The Live Richer Academy’s College Edition is based on a proven formula created by the Academy’s co-founder Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche and shared in her two-time New York Times Bestselling book Get Good with Money.

Financial Wholeness for your Financial Future

The College Edition helps students create financial preparedness at each college level; basic finances for freshmen, deeper financial clarity for sophomores and juniors, and solidifying the financial foundation for seniors.



The Live Richer Academy College Edition introduces Freshmen students to creating a positive money mindset, budgeting, banking and savings, credit, and student loans and financial aid.



Sophomore students take their finances to the next level of money mindset, budgeting, banking and savings, credit, student loans and financial aid, with the introduction to learning to earn.



College Juniors will learn advanced money mindset skills, budgeting, banking and savings, credit, student loans and financial aid, next-level learning to earn, and an introduction to debt elimination.



As they prepare to enter life outside of college; Seniors will focus on budgeting skills, savings knowledge, credit understanding, student loans and financial aid handling, and the next level learning how to dig out of debt.


College Parents

Parents can access and encourage their students as they learn the financial foundation building blocks that will prepare them for college and beyond, as well as, learn those financial concepts for themselves.







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Financial foundation for a solid future

All students who take the College Edition will learn how to create and maintain an active budget, they will take a deep dive into banking and savings, and they will be able to answer some of the most common questions as they pertain to financial aid and student loans (while covering scholarships and loan repayment options).

The Live Richer Academy even takes building the student’s basic financial foundation a few steps further by assisting them with understanding credit, navigating through debt, and maximizing their post-college employment earning potential. The College Edition’s 7 simple steps plant the seeds that will allow students to have a solid financial foundation, gain the necessary building blocks to create a healthy relationship with money, and master the skills for quicker advancement to wealth building when they enter life after college.

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Consumable information

All lessons are less than 15 minutes to make sure it stays within the student’s learning attention span.

Interactives for engagement

Each course contains 3 interactives to not only keep the student engaged but to make sure they’re learning along the way.

Peer Communication

The College Edition has its own community for students to interact, motivate, and correspond with each other.

Accessible course experts and/or course expert assistants

To ensure that students receive quick and accurate feedback to their questions, the Academy has course expert assistants available 4 hours a week to assist students.

A vetted learning formula

The Live Richer Academy College Edition is based on the proven formula found in co-founder Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche's two-time New York Times bestseller Get Good with Money.

I love this program! Not only is the content fantastic but its organization and the way the customer support team communicates with the members is really impressive. I’m excited and confident that I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. Thank you so much for creating this program.


Plant the seed that will grow in your students' lives forever

7 simple steps

To make the information obtainable and maintainable.

Course 1: Money Mindset with Kara Stevens

Learn how to become aware of what a money mindset is, discover your current money mindset, and how to give yourself the tools to improve and strengthen your money mindset.

Course 2: Budget Building with Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche

Learn how to create a functional active budget; which is the foundation of personal finances, and the beginning of creating wealth.

Course 3: Banking & Savings with Ash Cash

Learning how to save, use modern banks, and become a digital banker.

Course 4: Financial Aid and Student Loans with Ashley Hill

The Live Richer Academy College Edition is based on the proven formula found in co-founder Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche’s two-time New York Times bestseller Get Good with Money.

Course 5: Dig Out of Debt with Erin Lowry

Learn how to not feel overwhelmed about your debt and instead feel empowered to take control and potential debt strategies to use so that you can create a plan that works best for you!

Course 6: Score High, Credit with Netiva Heard

Learn how to put credit in perspective, how to remove the thinking that credit is to ‘get something’ or to be used as an extension of our income, and how to use credit as a tool, similar to money.

Course 7: Learn To Earn with Sandy Smith

This course will teach you how to improve your earning potential and/or how to have multiple income sources.

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Money Mindset

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Budget Building

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Banking & Savings

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Financial Aid & Student Loans

erin lowry

Dig Out Of Debt

netiva heard

Score High, Credit

Sandy smith

Learn To Earn


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