Live Richer Academy

The LIVE RICHER Academy is a membership site that hosts a series of courses designed to help you take your finances and life to the next level. After registering, you?ll have access to all of the courses in the Academy. These courses are designed and taught by The Budgetnista and a number of financial experts from around the country.

Current courses include:
? Starting a Small or Home Based Business
? A Step-by-Step Guide To Buying Your First Stock
? How to Get Hired
? Credit Repair: Beyond the Basics
? Student Loans: What Every Borrower Should Know
? How to Keep Your Money While Sharing Your Love
? Budgetnista Small Business Series
? How to Start a Business 101
? Successful Networking

Membership also includes VIP access to city tour events, access to the Academy?s private, community forum, and exclusive members-only online events, like our live, weekly ?Ask the Expert? series.

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